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Story about Dr. John from 19th century
Paul Harvey told a very nice story and I can not find it. I reviewed all of his archives A - Z at and the story is not there. The story takes place in the mid 1800s or so. It was about a doctor fresh out of medical school from a Chicago University. This young doctor, Dr. John, has dreams of practicing in California. The doctor takes a train to St. Louis, then stage coach ride the rest of the way to California. After several days the stage and ends up in a small town somewhere in OK or NM. Dr. John decides to stay in the small town a few days to rest up and then continue on to California to set up his practice and life. Dr. John ends up staying in this small town for the rest of his life, never making it to California because he falls in love with the people and their lifestyle. A sign at the base of an exterior staircase leading up to Dr. John's office states "Dr. John, Office Upstairs". This sign is tied to the end of Dr. John's life
The story is about Dr. John's life and death in this small town. Very cool and clever ending to the story.

Any direction as to where I can find this Paul Harvey story would be greatly appreciated.
I have heard about Dr. John and his contributions in the medical field, medical surgical nursing thesis topics, and much other work for the improvement of this field. We should never forget his contributions and always try to make further improvements!

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