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Neurosurgeon's Son Story ($50 reward if found!)
Hi - 
This would mean the world to my dad... I'd love to find the audio so I could give it to him as a Christmas present! 

Paul Harvey once told a story about my brother.  A little background: my mom was a neurosurgeon; one of the first in the field at the time.  When my brother was playing as a child, my grandmother asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.  My brother responds with "a lung doctor, just like my dad!" When my grandmother says "or maybe a neurosurgeon like your mom?," he says "Grandma (Oma), that's a girl's job!"

Phrasing may not be exact, but you get the fundamental idea. I believe this might've been at the end of an episode, like a "feel good story"

If anyone is able to find this, I'm willing to send them a "tip" them $50 via Venmo or PayPal. 

Please reach out with any questions!

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