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Paul Harvey Aurandt (9/4/1918 – 2/28/2009), “If I Were The Devil,” 4/3/1965
Greetings. Thank you, administrator, for your hours and hours of work, putting together your tribute website to the legendary Paul Harvey! My website journal and commentary is "Appalachian Irishman" ( On 7/22/2022, I published by article and podcast, "If I Were The Devil” – Inspired by Paul Harvey (published 7-22-2022; article #340). My voice does not have the eloquence of Paul Harvey. His 4/3/1965 broadcast, "If I Were the Devil," inspired my article and podcast. My 7/22/2022 article and podcast was my way to try to help folks -- as Paul Harvey had done. I wish that this once great nation would return to the Lord! Thank you for allowing me to enter this comment! May God's grace and peace bless each reader here.
M. Fearghail, the Appalachian Irishman (journal & commentary, started 3/6/2006) - Good Day! Cool

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