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Question about Creating a "Best of Paul Harvey" Book...
I grew up listening to Paul Harvey and have helped several people create and publish books over the past few years. I'm wondering if anyone knows about who would own the rights to the stories if a book were to be created and published. Would the family have the rights to the stories that were shared or would the news organization be the owner of the stories? I know the archives are all available online but I'm wondering if a "Best of Paul Harvey" book could be created and enjoyed by future generations without getting into legal trouble with the news and hopefully having it be something that could help. some of his family to be able to benefit from some of the proceeds of a project like this if it were able to earn some $'s.

Thank you in advance for any insights into who might be the right person to contact regarding ownership of stories or if a "Best of Paul Harvey" book could even be created and shared in the future.

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